OCZ Revodrive 120GB SSD Review | TheGamingExperience

TheGamingExperience was not aware that a PCI-E SSD card could be so... well you can figure it out!

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Icrontic: OCZ RevoDrive 3 review

Icrontic reviews the OCZ RevoDrive 3. The OCZ RevoDrive 3 crams two Vertex 3 SSDs into a PCI-express card; a crude but brutally effective way to get some mad SSD speeds on your PC

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OCZ Revodrive Hybrid Hard Drive, Does it add up?

8087h3d1n054ur from Tecstories writes: Now I'm sure you all know that solid state drives are becoming more and more popular in the computing world, but that they are no where near as big as hard-drives of the regular kind in the same price range, Well OCZ has come up with what they call the OCZ Hybrid Revodrive, which essentially replaces the cache memory of of a hard drive, or rather augments it with a 100gb SSD on a 1tb regular hard drive.

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Engadget - OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 and RevoDrive Hybrid hands-on

Engadget - We got a chance to spend some time with the lovely folks from OCZ here at Computex for a tour of their latest and greatest SSD products, the RevoDrive 3 X2 and RevoDrive Hybrid. Both are PCIe x4 cards featuring up to 4 SandForce SF-2200 controllers and RAID 0 (striping) for blazing performance.

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