Facebook and Microsoft: Best Friends Forever

The Next Web: "As you have no doubt just heard, Facebook is releasing massive new integration with Skype to power video chat for its three-quarters of a billion users.

Of course, this should come as no real surprise to anyone, after all we have heard rumors of this sort going back to September of 2010, and in March we heard that talks were underway again between the two companies.

But as you know, Microsoft will shortly own Skype, which makes this entire situation much more interesting. Of course, Microsoft also owns a chunk of Facebook, which it has used to create a relationship with the social giant that has allowed for the two firms to work together at quite deep levels of integration."

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fatstarr4725d ago (Edited 4725d ago )

haha at the title.
but yea Microsoft made some smart moves molding into facebook.

id like to see where this new battle will go.

looks like 3 company's vs Google

haha all of them have beef with Google because they are in their markets or trying to get in their markets.

drdistracto7074725d ago

Google is forcing them to make better products in the vain that Firefox and Chrome forced IE to toughen up

Google is a good thing for these industries


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