Android jumps ahead in marketshare as BlackBerry runs and hides

BGR - "Google’s Android OS is moving ahead at a pace many others can’t catch, including Apple’s iOS. Where is the marketshare gain coming from you may wonder? It’s coming from the sinking Titanic that is RIM and BlackBerry OS. Android moved up to 38.1% share, while Apple is at 26.6% and BlackBerry down to 24.7% share. Microsoft dropped from 7.7% to 4.8% while WebOS went from a 2.8% share down to 2.4%."

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fatstarr2659d ago

wow Google is in control of those %'s

5% is alot in such a short time its only a matter of time before total sales > ios devices

and blackberry is dying a sad slow death :/

halocursed2658d ago

I have no idea what is the charm of blackberry devices apart from BBM and business use. Their design is boring and the interface has fail(comparing it to android/iOS) written all over it.

KingPin2658d ago

well, i can say that here in south africa the main appeal of Blackberry is the unlimited internet browsing for only 60ZAR/month. which is really worth it in the sense that android,iOS and Symbian users are paying up to 2ZAR/megabyte.

thebudgetgamer2658d ago

I never got that how many phones run android compared to one iphone.

michass82658d ago

This little green fella rules :)

mcstorm2657d ago

The next few years in the Mobile OS should be very interesting in the us and Europe. Android has done very well to knock Apple off top spot and MS have alot of work to do to get there mobile OS in the top 3. But it should be interesting to see what they do to push the OS again when the Mango update is released and the next wave of device as what I am seeing in the Mango Beta is very good and makes the OS match Android and IOS in terms of services and ease of use but they need to push it like Apple did with the Iphone to show people how easy it is to use and that its a fresh OS.

It is starting to look bleek in the USA for MS in the phone industry in Europe is still up for grabs in Europe as Nokia still have a strong hold and HTC devices are big there too and Android has not hit it off as it as in the US.

You have to give it to Google for doing what they did after the start they had with the G1 as it was not a good looking phone at all but how it has been developed and the way it has kicked Apple off top spot goes to show the industry is always changing and you can be on top spot 1 days and off it another.