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ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z Review - Hardware Heaven

Since the Z68 chipset was launched last month we have seen a huge variation on boards from high end 3-way SLI and Crossfire capable boards to budget models and even a mini-ITX model which could be overclocked with ease. It is clear that manufacturers love this chipset and all the possibilities the 2nd Gen Core architecture gives them.

The latest to market with a board which is a little different to the norm is ASUS with their Maximus IV Gene-Z and today we will be putting this SLI and Crossfire compatible M-ATX enthusiast board through its paces in a selection of real world and synthetic tests to find out if it can match an ATX alternative from one of ASUS key competitors.

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toaster4232d ago

The price of this thing is insane (in a good way). So much value here for this amount of money, there are some ATX boards that don't come close to having this many features while staying under $200. I would love one of these.

MisfitSmurf4232d ago

I love the way the bios is. But the Mobo alone looks beastly.