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Google+ to delete all non-public profiles

FleshEatingZipper says: "So…Digging around on Google+ reveals some interesting information. It seems that the fine folks at Google intend our profiles to be left public and, if we don’t want to be out in the public, they’ll kick us the hell out."

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toaster4233d ago

Yeah I'm a little confused as well... I guess one reason to do this is to get rid of spam accounts?

Speed-Racer4233d ago

Maybe, because that is a poor justification. That could be a huge blow to the network, because people initially loved it due to the privacy control.

fatstarr4233d ago

Its prolly just something for their beta experiment.

but funny none the less

toaster4232d ago

Well the only things required are your name and gender. The rest is optional, so people are choosing to show more information. I think this shows users to be more conscious about what info they put out there.