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FroogleGeek: When Is 1080p Worth The Upgrade?

Cody from FroogleGeek wrote:

"Most people today will just go with 1080p without even thinking about 720p. It almost makes sense since most TVs today are capable of 1080p and it can take some searching to find some new 720p sets. That of course doesn’t mean you should just throw 720p out the window because there are times where you will not notice the difference between 1080p and 720p and there is still a pretty big price difference, especially when looking at 3DTVs."

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fatstarr4232d ago

you cant really tell the difference but from what i know if you are getting a huge tv 1080 is where its at. but 720p from like 37 inches and other

codyodiodi4232d ago

Yeah the larger the TV the more detail you will be able to see so the higher the resolution you would want. My own person rule is anything 42" and under you should get 720p if possible.

theonlylolking4231d ago

My rule is get 1080p @ 120hz if you can. If not then 1080p @ 60hz. If you cant do that then dont get one.

michass84231d ago

most people will follow the sales assistant in the store and buy whatever he/she will recommend, without doing homework (reading, comparing, watching/reading reviews....