Don’t fall for the HDMI cable “con”

Which? Convo: "How much would you pay for an HDMI cable? That is, the cable that brings high definition footage to your telly. A tenner? Well, some retailers and manufacturers are trying to push £100 cables.

This HDMI cable issue isn’t new. It’s been going on ever since high definition TVs made their way into our homes.

So why do we think it’s a problem? Last January we went undercover to the UK’s biggest electrical chains to see if their shop floor knowledge was up to scratch. The hard selling of expensive cables was the most worrying."

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outwar60102659d ago

old news if you fall for it its your fault lol

techie2659d ago

It shouldn't be allowed.

Anon19742659d ago

Popular mechanics did a comparison a couple of years ago and found the exact same thing. Zero difference.
Monoprice, baby!

Dark_king2659d ago

I will say there are differences between certain HDMI cords.Some have a much higher data transfer speed,some are better constructed.However I find the build to be the most important part.An its a bit backwards my buddy bought one for 80 bucks and its cheaply built.I got one for 10 bucks thats 3 times as long and is better built.His cord is basic 4 foot long cord with a hard plastic/rubber coatings its so stiff that bends almost break the cord.I got a 12 foot cord Soft rubber center with a a hard mesh material.It can bend easily without snapping.Although mine is heavier then his light weight one.
Now the image quality is the same for now,but sooner or later his will begin to lose quality from the cord actually crushing the internal wires.
So just look for better quality cords that are cheap.No reason for anyone to pay over 10 bucks for a HDMI cord.

theonlylolking2659d ago

I saw one at the store the other day and it was priced at $200.

MisfitSmurf2659d ago

For that price that cable better be a mile long. jeez.

MisfitSmurf2659d ago

I figure haha. I get mine from newegg for about 6 bucks. There is cheaper places. but it's where i get all my stuff.

frelyler2659d ago

I got mine from tiger direct 3 years ago, for FREE, well I had to pay like 2.50 in shipping and handling, but after the mail in rebate it was free. The initial cost was like $6 anyways.

RememberThe3572659d ago

Mine was 2.50 on amazon. It's a great cable.

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The story is too old to be commented.