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The Army's $2.7 Billion Computer Designed To Help Troops In Iraq And Afghanistan Doesn't Work

Business Insider - "Almost any commercial solution out there would be better,” the first said. And the second added: “It doesn’t work. It’s not providing the capabilities that they need."

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halocursed4234d ago

Do they need another $2.7 billion to fix it?

Merivigian4233d ago

I know right? You can get huge beastly computers for a few thousand, if you can spend billions on a computer it can be almighty if done right, apparently they don't do research.

cheetorb4233d ago

Oh Gee, no way!! Overpriced government spending on junk?
I'm sure this computer wasn't some "my buddy can get us a great system for cheap" deal.

It's a wonder this country is going bankrupt.

RememberThe3574233d ago

Yet we can't find money to pay for schools...

zero_cool4233d ago

The military takes out larger budgets then this per year try around over a quarter of a trillion dollars per year!

FarEastOrient4232d ago

The sad thing is that the military budget is cheap in comparison to Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security.

BubbleSniper4232d ago

it might be cheap, but we have to start somewhere. lol. one has to wonder what "our money" is truly going towards

zero_cool4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

@FarEastOrient are you applying that people who can't work & can't afford to pay for health insurance are a waste of money but it's ok to waste money on pointless wars?

f7897904232d ago


It's implying. Not applying.

He's implying that we spend an insane amount on helping everyone. We all want to live in a Utopian society where everyone gets everything they need but can we afford that? The huge debt says no.

Tzuno4232d ago

That's it that's the future invest in war. You retards there are more good ways to spend that amount, what about a hospital to treat poor people for free. I hope all those implied in this project catch cancer and die you maniacs.

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