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The Internet needs less of these

The Internet has come a long way from the simple ARPANET framework back in the 1970s. A lot of good has come out of it in terms of information sharing, but webmasters sometimes add too many distracting features to encourage users to keep on viewing their little spot on the net, rather than going to the competitors. While some of those bells and whistles can either be useful or tolerable, others are just downright annoying. Here are a few of those annoying things which all webmasters should stay away from.

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RonyDean4675d ago

Be right back, have to remove a few things from my site...

Speed-Racer4674d ago

Put the "Compatible with Firefox" logo :P

toaster4675d ago

Oh man some of these are annoying as hell. I get that the site owners would like me to participate in the site and that they need to show ads, but it could be less intrusive at least.

Speed-Racer4674d ago

I hate those ads that pop out and cover the content or push it down.

toaster4674d ago

And then they scroll with the page too, I HATE THOSE THE MOST!

MisfitSmurf4674d ago

The worse are the ads on videos. Especially when they glitch and keep looping the ads, then you have to refresh and watch the ad AGAIN just to see if it's going to work. _-_

Speed-Racer4674d ago

LOL sorry to hear that. I see it less and less though. Youtube was testing it out and saw surprisingly good results. I may browse youtube less if they implement it.

MisfitSmurf4674d ago

It happens mostly on toonamiaftermath, gametrailers and G4 for me.

Speed-Racer4674d ago

I instantly mute the PC till the ad is done.

halocursed4674d ago

Video hosting is expensive and you can't expect to watch videos for free. Youtube doesn't make much profit, it's backed by google so it lives with much less ads than any other video host provider.

MisfitSmurf4674d ago

Doesnt make them any less annoying.

Speed-Racer4674d ago

Find a different way of showing ads.

codyodiodi4674d ago

Read more links are nice because then people sometimes will actually GIVE you credit for your stuff. With all the people out there who write stuff and claim it as there own I don't see an issue with this.

Pop up boxes that OFFER the reader free stuff are also welcome in my book. If the person running the website wants to give away an ebook to build up an email list there is nothing wrong with that. The little pop up is just one way to promote it.

Comment spam is fixed easily as well, it's called Askimet, it works really well.

Speed-Racer4674d ago (Edited 4674d ago )

Not really @ Akismet - there are ones where individuals take the time to post legit comments, so it doesn't appear spammy if you know how to structure it...but in essence it is. Disqus uses Akismet as well fyi (once enabled).

The read more links are more of an annoyance that a benefit, especially if you're using them on websites or in thesis papers. It inserts unnecessary DIV tags, which mess up the HTML structure. You see if for yourself here sometimes when people copy and paste a description. One more step that could have been avoided (the deletion process).

Pop-ups are annoying and very distracting from the actual content.

codyodiodi4674d ago

Well as someone who has their content stolen plenty of times I suppose I don't see the issue with it.

Also you can always make it so any comments with links are held for moderation, and I'm sure there is a plugin that will auto delete things with links. Just saying.

hazelamy4674d ago

only one flaw with the captcha suggestion, in the uk the sky is more often grey than blue, (^_^)

halocursed4674d ago

The only good thing about Manchester is the train that leaves Manchester. /sarcasm

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sonicwrecks54d ago

Don't call it a comeback... because it's not.