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LulzSec members yet to retire; Join BlackkatSecurity?

Apparently two out of six LulzSec divisions have accepted the invitation to join BlackkatSecurity. Speculation is rife that LulzSec's withdrawal as a single unit will give way for its members to reorganize and attack different targets. PSN was mentioned.

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BornCursed3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Of course they get Lulzsec. I figured they would after the obvious threat they made, followed by the oh sh*t response they gave Blackkatsec. At least they will be quiet for awhile.

Speed-Racer3574d ago

They should just hack each other's sites to death rather than bother the rest of the world.

BornCursed3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Got a feeling that BlackkatSecurity is just using the script kids to take the fall in something big they are going to try and pull off. That's their just their style.

fatstarr3574d ago

i actually like what they do
just think some hacker coulda been silent and mined info for years from all those companys and we would never know,

lulzsec opend their mouths and made everyone aware which is gonna change the front of security and protocols

fatstarr3574d ago

this is old news by the way.
but good to see they arent dead.