Microsoft vs. Apple: The History of Computing (Infographic)

Manolution: As Richard Nixon destroyed happiness with his war on drugs, the 1970’s saw the world’s first personal computers, inspiring five geeks to start a pair of companies which would go on to shape the future of computing as we know it.

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Harouls3581d ago
Am I the only one confused by the chart on top?
Specifically the 3 different shades of blue, how is Windows 7 only .8% of the marketshare?

Speed-Racer3581d ago

There are a lot of things wrong with that infograph actually.

ngecenk3580d ago

thats because they put 'mobile' on the data. if you're talking about desktop/laptop OS then MS should hold about 90% of the market share (xp still dominant, 7 coming up fast) but with more people using mobile to access the internet (which i assume the way they get the data), you'll have that kind of data.

mcstorm3580d ago

I really like what MS are doing at the moment. MS were starting to get lazy with wimo tablets and windows but the last 2 years have shown they are getting back to there best again. Windows phone 7 is very good easy to use and stable and when the mango update and Nokia phones come onto the market I can see WP starting to sell very well then you have windows 8 which looks different to every other windows before and should help MS get a foot hold in the tablet market because they will have a full os running on a tablet rather than a mobile os with added extra. Windows home server 2011 is very good even though its missing de I'm glad I up graded it offers me alot more than the 1st version. The one thing Apple have been better at than MS over the past few years is adds they are very good are marketing there products and MS have just started to do this because alot of people don't know what MS offer like Zune pass ect. The next 10 years will be a good battle between MS Apple and Google which will make it better for all of us in the end.