Is Google Manipulating Search Results In Their Favor?

Cody from wrote:

"I woke up a little late today, and with that my first story is being created at noon. Lets get down to business, it seems like Google is going to be investigated over an internet monopoly. Google could be prioritizing their own services in search results which would make life difficult for their competitors. Some of the other accusations against the world’s most popular search engine are high costs of advertising, using other companies’ content without permission, and buying companies that pose a threat to their business. If you want to know more about this lawsuit you can read the full story over on Techradar. The purpose of this article is to hopefully disprove at least one of those claims."

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michass83582d ago

Well Google has the power

codyodiodi3582d ago

Yeah but I doubt they would use it to hurt the other companies. Google has rock solid services, they know internet users will use their products for that reason alone.

Etseix3582d ago

i searched for porn, google gave me porn, its a win-win for us.

michass83581d ago

Exactly, Google is doing what we are expecting. The results are accurate and I am happy with their search engine...

Mr_Anderson3582d ago

I would be MORE shocked if they were not doing this.

BubbleSniper3582d ago

"Google is being accused of manipulating search results in their favor which could be a huge blow to the companies “don’t be evil” motto if true."

laughed very hard @ this

Google, while being a great company that offers seemingly limitless potential to users of it's software, have been separating themselves from that "motto" for years now.

when you get "this big" you tend to have to do things that go against such mottos as DONT BE EVIL. or you simply will not survive.