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New PS3 Model Coming Soon

Cody from wrote:

"Sony Japan has recently hinted that they are getting ready to release a new model of their PlayStation 3. This new model will use less power, weigh a little less and will have some minor external changes."

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Sahil3582d ago

Yeah.. there is no need for PS4.. So they'll keep on making minor updates on the system until the D-Day.

codyodiodi3582d ago

Hopefully one of them will include security...


codyodiodi3582d ago

Some things more than others and Sony is definitely on the less-secure end of the spectrum.

Peaceful_Jelly3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I heard they are removing the LEDs out of the power and eject button. With the passing of time they are making it uglier... The LEDs was the only attractive thing the slim models had. =(

GodsHand3582d ago

Hopefully they can incorporate some way to install the 1TB drive, as its slighty taller then a standard 2.5" HDD. I had to use a little force installing it in the PS3 slim, and could not use the tray. What makes it easy is that the slim is front loaded, vs the fat is side loaded, and I can not see that being an easy task of installing a 1TB drive on the old system.