Sega 1.29 million customer breach is NOT LulzSec

Sega has now confirmed that the personal data of 1.29 million of its customers was stolen in the attack on its systems.

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MagicGamer2769d ago

Hacking events 2011 will go down in history as the reasons internet regulations changed.

SpaceSquirrel2769d ago

I completely agree unfortunately.

MagicGamer2769d ago

I hate that the hackers are one step ahead of the game publishers. They need to upgrade their security.

theonlylolking2768d ago

Hackers are one step ahead of the world when it comes to security. If they decided to hack the biggest countries in the world, I bet they could do it.

Soldierone2768d ago

Thanks a lot hackers. Can't wait till the government steps in....yay for no privilages. might as well start hacking now while you can, pretend like you are cool.

From what I can tell with all these "hacks" is half of them, or more, are not even doing anything worthwhile to get scared about.It seems these places have extra security around credit card information and the hackers are unable to well....crack it...

BornCursed2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

The hackers are going to definately change some regulations. It seems that the lulzsec_Ops account is the account that operations run through. 2012 will bring new internet laws and security regulations for all web sites collecting personal information. this is the start of big brother type crap.

Fallouts2768d ago

wtf is up with these bums!