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Facebook 152-friends-on-arm tattoo is a lie

MSNBC writes:
That story about a woman who had 152 of her Facebook friends' photos tattooed on her arm, a kind of "Facebook sleeve" — shared in a YouTube video that went viral, including here? It's a hoax, a fraud.
The woman, from the Netherlands, identified as Suzyj87, touted the (fake) Facebook "sleeve" in the video called "My Social Tattoo." But none of it was real.

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jwalkerz3594d ago

well durr. no one is stupid enough to do that

Speed-Racer3594d ago

The guy above you proves otherwise :P

techniglee3594d ago

Ever been to a comedy show? People makes jokes

jwalkerz3594d ago

that person didnt get the tatoo yet

KrimsonKody3594d ago

But, those are her friends...
how dare she!