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Geek Actually Ep133 – Tactical Sammich -

GeekActually writes:
This week on Geek Actually, Harold Camping did forget to carry the one and re-predicts the end of the world for October, Samsung ordered to show their unreleased products to Apple, lab grown meat, high speed laser beam data transfers, the Apple Store makeovers, a salsa dancing Darth Vader and Tactical Sammiches! All this plus we weigh in with our opinions on the children on Facebook debate and our picks of the week. Prepare to geek out and enjoy.

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fatstarr3673d ago

i kinda always wanted to get togtether with a whole bunch of friends and make videos/podcasts and getin into the videogame industry, i have to do this and make a site get some hits if i want to go to e3.

Sahil3672d ago

That is very foolish of samsung ordering apple to show their unreleased products, nice podcast :)

fatstarr3672d ago

its not foolish its just them trying to avoid what ever copyright battles and lawsuits apple might do if the next samsung phone and iphone5 are alike. apple did bring it on themselves.

Sahil3672d ago

what if apple hasn't started producing iphone 5, they can show a fake one, it's apple :)

fatstarr3672d ago

well if they show a fake one and samsung shy's away from that idea and creates a phone that is superior apple just stets them selves up to be in a law suit battle because they lied about their next phone. that's not very moral of them.

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