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Skype installs EasyBits Go CrapWare on your systems without users’ prior knowledge

It seems that Skype is automatically installing crapware called EasyBits Go without informing or asking users for installation permission.

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KingLizzle3571d ago

Very disappointing that a reputable company like Skype is covertly installing unwanted software. Hopefully they'll either remove it or at least give users an option not to install it in the first place.

Speed-Racer3571d ago

Seems to be a big slip up with regards to software updates. Users experienced issues logging in some hours before, but they have not yet commented on exactly what is wrong.

IllusionRSN3571d ago

Sounds like a Microsoft move lol!

RonyDean3571d ago

Well i'm switching... ooVoo anyone?

Speed-Racer3571d ago

Does that work well? I saw some of my friends using it.

fatstarr3571d ago

oovoo works alright in my opinion, its better than skype in calling because you can actually have a group chat its not just 1 channel for everyone.

the only problem is its addicting you get like 6 people online in video chat but they want you to pay for it. lots of my friends just make new accounts for the extra perks you get in the beginning.

its just a better version of skype in the end both have their pros and cons, the log in popup box on start up is annoying though i got rid of that day 1.

Jihaad_cpt3570d ago

actually I just got asked by Skype if I wanted to install an application to play games (not sure of the exact wording I just said not interested), just while I was reading this. So they do ask for permission...

Oxymoron0283570d ago

I got asked for permission to install it. Clicked no, so the fucker went ahead and installed it anyway >: (

fatstarr3568d ago

whats the point of asking you if you want to install and then still installing it after you say no lol. i just block all updates from skype msn oovoo etc.

Oxymoron0283568d ago


I have absolutely no idea! :P It annoyed me though, it's fairly easy to get rid of luckily!

Jihaad_cpt3569d ago

luckily mine didnt install, sorry dude

TheEatingChampagne3570d ago

Microsoft should change that hideous UI Skype has right now..
Why aren't they doing anything?

dkgshiz3570d ago

Sounds like Microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.