Exclusive: Latest Silverstone Casings

VR-Zone takes a sneak peek at the casings Silverstone has lined up for Computex 2011. Look inside for the GD07, TJ04-E and more!

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toaster3606d ago

TJ04 looks amazing. I'm waiting for the next Fortress revision, currently the FT03 is amazing but still has a few nagging things that would be a pain, like slot loading optical only. Once they fix some of the quirks then I'll be an owner of a Fortress case :D

_Q_3605d ago

Oh man the 07 and 08 are nice. Man that HTPC itch isa getting itchier. =P

fatstarr3604d ago

i havent looked at pc cases in a long long time. i just cant do it spending so much for a case when i can just put down 30 and get something nice, whats the extra benefit?

Sahil3602d ago

WOW.. they are onto soemthing this year :)