What's the Best Business Smartphone - Motorola Droid Pro or Motorola Droid 2 Global?

Motorola fights itself for global Droid supremacy on Verizon's network. The Motorola Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global are very similar, very powerful smartphones. This battle between Droid devices takes a look at both and determines which is better.

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fatstarr3475d ago

id think that the droid pro would be more attractive to a business smart phone user because of the keyboard, its far easier to type on the keyboard than a screen and the % of error is probably down by 50 and you wont be sending your coworkers or bosses gibberish in your emails by accident. but in the end blackberries still have that small edge for now in the business world i don't see my self turning down a free bb for working.

Sahil3473d ago

Droid pro is by far the best handset.

fatstarr3473d ago

thank god you agree haha didnt want to have to argue with you here. physical keys > lcd screen untill they manage to make it do that you could feel the bumps of the keys through the screen.

Sahil3473d ago

totally.. I still miss my blackberry and sometimes get bored of using my

fatstarr3473d ago

Ughh dont remind me i never like blackberries or sidekicks two of the worst phones ive ever used and everyone wanted me to work magic on them because im so technologically inclined.

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