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FroogleGeek: 5 Reasons I Hate Macs and OS X

Cody from wrote:

"With the anti Windows campaigns Apple did it may come as a shock that I hate Mac OS X. It’s an operating system that is praised by many but unfortunately from my experience it doesn’t live up to the hype and falls short in many different ways."

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fatstarr3610d ago

"I got a job at my schools helpdesk where I get to use an iMac my entire shift."

Helpdesk with a mac, my day has been made lol
also i like this guys point navigation on macs are horrible i was also forced to use 1 for my schools radio station i always bring my laptop. worst experiences ever 50 pop up windows when browsing the web and all that jazz.

"The one piece mouse is also complete garbage" summed up nicely and last but not least the price and the fact that it costs 2x more to upgrade a mac than it does a pc.

only good thing about macs is media manipulation but i still manage to get crashes out of macs more than windows.

xchris92x3610d ago

You don't have to use an Apple mouse. There is a lesser risk of getting a virus compared to windows, this does not mean you cannot get viruses however. Yeah the price is steep but you definitely get what you pay for. Every windows machine that I have used has crashed far too many times, also windows is not as appealing looking as osx.

cogniveritas3610d ago

Seems like some people have such an unfortunate experience with Windows. There's a reason PCs and windows are preferred in the IT world, it's because more choice and control is in your hands. With an Apple Machine, it's a given that Apple will make sure their machine are up to spec for running the proper Mac OS, but you're options, configurations, and ultimately compatibilities are limited. It's also not a more secure platform, just a smaller target.

In the PC world, Steve Jobs isn't there to hold your hand and make sure your PC configuration can actually run Windows properly. That in itself burns alot of people who never had to really care about the RPMs of their hard drive, or the out of the box DDR2/DDR3 type and amount of RAM they have. Many major manufacturers of PCs take advantage of uninformed consumers at retail by listing a great new generation of processor in a tower without listing that it's probably the lowest clock speed, and the same is done with RAM and the hard drive.

So just a few years back Vista came out looking all shiny and brand new. It's no secret the Vista OS was bloated and had compatibility issues from being a total overhaul OS. People bought their discount PCs with 1 gig of ram and 1.3ghz dual core pentiums for $250 only to wonder why Vista was crashing and chugging. I got through Art school doing both graphic design with Adobe products and 3D with Autodesk products all in Vista with no outstanding issues because I had the hardware to handle it.

Mac OS might look appealing but even as an artist and designer, I'm not convinced that it's more practical for real work or even as a proper price-to-power ratio compared to a capable PC.

xchris92x3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

The problem for me wasn't specs (I have a powerful windows machine), I just enjoy the experience of osx more, however I could not solely run osx which is why I dual boot with windows.

fatstarr3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

really without the apple mouse it takes away from one of the reasons why someone would buy a mac in the first place.
things are changing in the virus world, mac users are an easier target so i am sure people will start programming some elaborate viruses for macs soon enough like whats going to stop them Steve jobs magic forcefield that he implements into every version of mac os?

also ive seemed to notice that most people with a mac always try to convert me over to the apple side.

horrible interface and to do somethings in macs take way longer than in windows.

you should make your own pc and 64 bit with 8gigs of ram and crashes rarely happen. like what were you doing on your windows machine when it crashed.

snoop_dizzle3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

(This is a combination reply to your first comment and this comment) Have you actually used spaces, expose, corners or anything in OSX or any shortcuts? Unless you're manually looking for things, you can quickly and easily find what you need. Additionally if you have trouble finding apps, just put the app folder in your dock, lol. The search bar in the top corner, or and app like Alfred, pretty much making searching instantaneous. If anything, navigating a ton of windows is extremely easy. Using Exposé and Spaces pretty much solves that issue (hot cornering also helps).

And I'm not really sure why not using the mac mouse takes away a reason to buy a mac, especially if you are using MBP, in which case the trackpad, is pretty much the best trackpad out there, aside from Lenovo's nipple..

Your comment is almost like saying not using the mouse that came with a Dell is one of the reasons to not use a Dell, lol. I personally use the logitech Desktop Wave Pro and I like it, even for OSX...Although logitech software/driver support is pretty much is absent, which is kind of annoying, lol.

Now when it comes to desktops, I likely would go the PC route (or hackintosh route), but for laptops, the MBP would likely be one of the laptops I'd choose. Additionally I'd be able to double or triple boot OS'es if I wish.

All in all, this article seems to lack substance. There are very good reasons to dislike OSX and Apple (for me, it depends what it is), but I don't think they are all in this article or were even explained that well.

And it's simple, if viruses more come to OSX, you buy virus software. Now will Apple admit they are virus prone? Hopefully, but I'm not loosing sleep at night. Then again, I was never of the mind that OSX was completely virus free, simply that odds were you were less likely to receive them. Though the trend shows that might be changing.

fatstarr3610d ago

Well said, in reply to your first paragraph, I’ve never used any of that stuff except the shortcuts, while looking for files in macs it was extremely difficult for me and external hard drives wouldn’t connect and a whole slew of problems. When compared to windows that just works when you plug almost any USB drive in. I’m a windows man and every time I went to look for things I thought I was in iTunes.

basically from my experience the dock was nice but I thought programs were closed when they weren’t I have to press the control key then click and then click close instead of just hitting a red x to permanently close a program.

The second paragraph, it was a reply to someone else. I and many people have too many problems with that apple mouse, and from the people that have tried to convert me the mouse control system is one of the key reasons why they bought the iMac

I agree with everything else you said for the most part.

Then in reply to your last paragraph, I don’t think apple would even allow anti-virus software for Macs, there are people that believe that Macs are virus proof and make it a selling point. We are tech savvy and know that’s not true but then in the end of the day threes some sales man spewing that out and actually getting sales. But as you say the trend of a virus free Mac is changing

xchris92x3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I am actually planning on building a powerful pc in the summer. I mainly got bluescreens, I was having problems with Nvidia drivers. I am just burned out on windows after buying a gaming laptop that constantly crashed, guess thats more my problem than a windows problem.

snoop_dizzle3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Funnily enough I've never heard anyone switch to mac for the mouse, lol. The trackpad, maybe. But as for appeal, I would probably go for the iMac mainly for the IPS panel it has(which by itself would be pricey) and its size (which I've been eyeing the new 27" iMac, but I'm likely going for a new MBP then a PC for a desktop. The funny thing about the iMac is that they are actually pretty competitively priced in the all-in-one pc market, especially now. The question then is if a all-in-one is suitable for someone.

Anyway, you can buy antivirus for the mac ( I believe there is free software too) so Apple isn't necessarily holding people back from using it, rather they aren't admitting there are viruses for the mac.

Close_Second3610d ago

I remember the big marketing campaign that Apple launched in the 80's based on the movie 1984. It went on about breaking free from the shackles of the PC which is kind of funny when you consider how locked down Apple is compared to the PC nowadays.

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