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Google Recruits Lady Gaga In Browser Battle

Conceivably Tech says: "Google continues a emotional TV advertising campaign that uses strong messages and increasingly star power to get more people using Chrome. The obvious target is Microsoft, but we do anticipate Mozilla’s Firefox to be an “accepted” casualty in this campaign."

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fatstarr3612d ago

thats nice of google some of the videos featured in this commercial dont even have 1000 views, good selection,

and firefox better put on their boxing gloves if they wanna stay in this fight.

Aussiegamer3611d ago

and firefox better put on their boxing gloves if they wanna stay in this fight'

ROFL Copters.

Have a look at all the comments in here dude, everyone uses FF including me. No one is switching anytime soon. No need to send me a 8 page article on how good chrome is either this time. As much as I enjoyed you wanking over it.

fatstarr3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Thats just us man.
we are geeks and techies and the like.

this ad with lady gaga is geared towards her young fans and casuals , people that are computer illiterate/incompetent etc. Google pulled the apple card to get the masses, its not us giving them market share its the others. if Google keeps this up what we do wont matter. just think this commercial probably gave them 100k minimum new chrome users.

Just like macs vs pc debate we all know the facts inside and out and which is better but there are people out there that dont care and only need to see it in the media to buy a product.

Craptain_Steel3611d ago

I switched to chrome because firefox is slower than a brick.

no one is switching hurf durf

Megaton3612d ago

Gonna take more than a few dramatic commercials to get me to switch from FireFox.

Sahil3612d ago

people who hate lady gaga will stop using chrome..LOL

gaden_malak3612d ago

Yep, I'm switching.

Can't stand it.

Anarki3612d ago

Obvious troll is obvious j/s

fatstarr3612d ago

lol they could have used beber or rebecca black, i would be on the same boat as you if that were the case.

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Speed-Racer3612d ago

I love lady gaga but im sticking to Firefox for now.

darkdoom30003612d ago

yeah. same, firefox for me. expecially FF4 its awesome.

rmedtx3611d ago

Lady Gaga + Google = Lady Google?

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