Apple Malware Infection Rates Rapidly Increasing

You thought you were safe Mac Users? You thought wrong!

According to many Apple Store Employees, there has been a dramatic influx in malware infections on the Mac OSX Systems. Users have been getting tricked into installing "Mac Defender" and "Apple Security" when in fact these programs are malware under the guise of being helpful. This has caused Apple to send out a mass bulletin to its employees.

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fatstarr3614d ago

Hahaha this is good and bad lol finally that myth about macs being 100% immune to viruses and malware are now gone. people are finally targeting a really gullible market now and making malware for macs. its bad because that means apple os has taken some market share in the os world.

Enate3614d ago

I can't help but laugh at this news because its the one thing mac heads always boast about. I talk to one teacher and her whole family uses nothing but macs. An the only actual good thing she could say is how she didn't have to deal with viruses.

drdistracto7073614d ago

If people download that crap they deserve the virus...

people be stupid >.>

gaden_malak3612d ago

Can't remember the last time I had a virus on Windows.

toaster3612d ago

I can, two hours ago :3

Sahil3606d ago

no problem at all, windows was giving me hell of a problems!