Guru3D: Corsair Obsidian 650D review

Guru3D: It's time to hit up another chassis review. Many of you guys were shocked and awed when Corsair released their first ever Obsidian 800D chassis. Many purchased it and then there is a residual group of you that would like to purchase it, yet face the fact that the full-tower is too big for placement.

Well, look no further, thy prayers have been answered halleluiah! Yes, they stripped away the removable front drive bays, made the chassis smaller and boom, the Obsidian 650D was born. A chassis that is just as impressive as its bigger brother the 800D really. Plenty of space, all graphics cards to date fit in there (length wise), many drive bays, fan controller, USB 3.0 frontpanel support, easy to clean dust filters and a solution that is once again pretty much tool free and comes in that scrumptious all black design.

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