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Sony NGP Already Knocked Off, But In A Mildly Interesting Way

OHH: Well that didn’t take long did it? Although not released yet, the forums over on CnGBA are buzzing with pictures, questions and speculation over a new machine dubbed the RG or the ‘iReadyGo’. Why the fuss? Well it looks like some manufacturer in China decided to go against the grain and release an open source machine this time, and even went as far as sticking in what looks to be a semi decent processor too.

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Sahil4286d ago

I'm not surprised at all, after seeing the knock-offs of iPhone5 which isn't releasing this year.

Is that a breaking news? I think it's a day-to-day kinda article.

fatstarr4286d ago

This is pretty cool. i really want to buy a knock off product just to mess with it and see what i can do with it.

_Q_4286d ago

Why werent people just making a twin stick handheld before? Why wait to copy? They could have made some money off me. haha