Microsoft tries luring iOS devs as Windows Phone 7 dev interest falters

Ars Technica: "In an effort to drum up support for its smartphone platform among existing smartphone developers, Microsoft has released a raft of information to help iOS developers find their feet on Windows Phone 7. The information includes a guide to help iOS developers translate from iOS APIs to Windows Phone ones, a development guide specifically for iOS developers, and first-hand accounts on porting iPhone applications to Windows Phones."

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toaster3631d ago

It seems to me like MS is getting desperate. Can they just accept that WP7 is just not as appealing? They are trying too hard to make it work when nobody actually really cares.

_Q_3630d ago

Pay for me to school it up and i'll make some.

Sahil3629d ago

Misleading headline, from a specious survey. I expect better from Arstechnica. Appcelerator doesn't support Windows Phone, but it does support iOS and Android so it is not a valid or fair metric of overall developer interest in the platform.