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Jay Freeman at Mobile Connections: “Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone”

iFans writes: "Jay Freeman—or Saurik, for you internauts—gave an impromptu interview with Robert Scoble at the Mobile Connections conference last week. In the video, Freeman discusses some of the basics of jailbreaking and gives a brief introduction of his company. The information will be old news to most of you, but if you’re looking for an excellent overview of Cydia and the benefits of freeing your iDevice from Apple’s clutches, it’s well worth a watch."

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xVeZx4116d ago

sure with a jailbroken iphone/touch/pad you can get free games and stuff but theres so much more....all the different tweaks like adding a 5th row of apps on a page or having more space in a folder...all the themes also...

gaden_malak4113d ago

I have a 3GS, I should jailbreak it since I am getting rid of it soon.