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Apple to update iOS to deal with Location Data; Denies tracking users

Apple has announced that it will release an updated version of its iOS software to deal with some of the concerns addressed by many users with regards to the recent Location logging “fiasco”. They have also denied that logged location data is used to track individuals.

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Techsmith3637d ago

Well took them long enough. Those Apple fans have the ability to be upset at the company or those Apple knows best?

Speed-Racer3637d ago

Actually, Android and MS phones have the same issue, but just don't log as much info as Apple. I think people are just blowing the whole deal out of proportion.

Syko3636d ago

Ya but on Android and W7 Mobile they are stored in the cache I thought? Not an entire file that logs the entire life of your phone?

Not running around with Tin foil but seems dodgy at the very least lol.

Speed-Racer3636d ago

It's not as bad as Apple. I'm not sure how many entries, but it's much less that the iOS log.

RonyDean3637d ago

I think we should all just get rid of our smart phones and go back to the good simple old days. Anyone with me?!?

Speed-Racer3637d ago

hmm wow my work associate said the same thing the other day

GrumpyVeteran3636d ago

I have a simple $30 mobile phone that I rarely ever use, and when I do need to use it, it just works.

So yes I agree, smart phones just come off as being a major hassle and the majority of the "features" are superfluous.