The LG Optimus Big launches tomorrow

From PGN: "Tomorrow, one of the more anticipated phones to come out in the Asian market, is launching and it's the LG Optimus Big. As the name implies, this sucker packs a 4.3" screen, a 1GHz dual-core processor, comes with HDMI output, 16GB of storage, and a nice 5 megapixel camera."

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SurfnUSA3474d ago

Asia always gets all of the goods first!

nfourgtoday3474d ago

Oh their phone market is far superior to ours. We do get iPhones before them but tech vs. tech in general..they're ahead. Still this phone does look quite nice and I'd actually probably get a legit one were it to come out in the US.

SurfnUSA3474d ago

Why can't Apple make a 4.3" iPhone? And even if it does and has a dual core processor like this phone and others by the time it comes out it won't be that fresh. Best not to think about it much lol.

Sun_e3474d ago

Asia has better technology then us.

DolfZigglers3474d ago

I think I'll wait til' Black.

TonykomatMK3473d ago

Wait tomorrow as in today? To bad I didn't see this yesterday cuz my friend imports goods all the time. If I can get one for cheap I'll be game.