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Amazon prices book at $23 million, bad algorithm to blame

Michael Eisen was just browsing the used-book section on Amazon, looking for a book about flies, only to find out that one of the books called The Making of a Fly was priced at over $23 million. It turns out that a bad bit of algorithm caused the price to skyrocket without stopping at a reasonable ceiling price.

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RonyDean3641d ago

Better be one amazing book for me to buy it at that price!

Speed-Racer3641d ago

Imagine if this guy bought it :P

R8343640d ago

Shame it wasn't a money saving guide, although hilarious anyway.

MisfitSmurf3640d ago

3.99 for shipping?!?! thats outrageous.

Speed-Racer3640d ago

LOLOL I know right, that's like shipping a truck load of gold bars in the regular post