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RIM Sold A Measly 45,000 Playbook Tablets, Still Sold More Than Samsung

Derangedshaman: "The numbers are out and RIM’s hope of dominating the tablet market with its ill-faded Playbook looks very unlikely. On day one RIM sold almost 50,000 devices, 20,000 of which were in-store purchases and another 20,000 from pre-orders."

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Anarki4082d ago

I don't get it. Why do people buy blackberry? :/

Techsmith4082d ago

Blackberry's are good at one thing: Email, which is a dated technology.

Anarki4082d ago

And for the younger generation - Blackberry Messenger. Which, you can get MSN messenger and the likes on android/iOS.

Captain Tuttle4082d ago

Can't wait until the Xoom gets fleshed out

Techsmith4082d ago

Same here, Google blew it on the software.

Captain Tuttle4081d ago

I think everything was just rushed because of the iPad 2