New iPhone to be Shipped in September, Lets Just Call it iPhone 4S

TechSliver: Apple started floating the prototypes of the next generation iPhone to developers. It has the new A5 chip and its called “iPhone 4S” not iPhone 5. iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S, so this makes sense.

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Speed-Racer4543d ago

*cancels pre-order on secret new iphone* lolol. They pretty much put their theory of tiny increments into stone with this release.

xtremexx4542d ago

you kidding me? wtf apple? i bet all its going to have is a faster processor and better graphics, but nevermind im not being forced to buy it.

sourav934541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

The iPhone 4 had a processor clockspeed of between 800 and 950 mhz. So I'm guessing that this one will finally reach the 1 ghz milestone.

xtremexx4539d ago

lol and how many new phones have gone past that lol

sourav934538d ago

@xtremexx yh I know is ridiculous.

R6ex4542d ago

Tegra 3 Android or Nokia smartphone it is then!

mcstorm4542d ago

think the Apple bubble is starting to burst now. People have a better choice of smart phones to pick from now than they did when the orignal iPhone was released and because for the past 3 years they have upgraded there iPhone its starting to get boating and people notice that its the same thing over and over again with a few tweeks. Plus its expensive too.

I think Android and Windows phone 7 will start to take over Apple in the next 2 years as android is growing each year and once Nokia releace there wp7 phones wp7 will start to see it grow too.

I have to give it to Apple they brought a game changer to the market with the iPhone as it was very simpe to use and worked but for me I never really liked it as it was too limited for me and wimo was my phone os choice as it offered more than any other os but it was starting to get old and dated. Android is now the new wimo os and it is a very good os and the choices of mobiles is amazing. But I have moved over from android to wp7 and although its not as flexable as android or wimo it is a very stable and nice os to use and fits into my life alitte bit more than android with office SharePoint Xbox live plus once it gets the mango update I will be able to strewn my videos from my homeserver web page. Its has had a slow start though even I can see that but I do think ms and Nokia will have a strong enough hardware and software to kick Apple back down.

PS360PCROCKS4541d ago

Why is there so much hate for the Iphone!? I just don't get it. Because everyone has one and it's the "in" thing? I mean come on it's not the most powerful phone but it's a damn good one. I had a Motorola Droid and Droid 2 and the IPhone blows them away. Find me Epic engine graphics on the Android market. Find me apps that run, phones that work, batteries that last and so on. i love android a lot and it's an amazing OS. But the Iphone just works! Same as my Mac Pro, not the fastest laptop but it works flawlessly every time. Because power is nothing when you have low end Android phones they have to cater too. I can take my Iphone and not charge it for 2 whole days and it will last every time. Oh and it's not more expensive, it cost me $200 like any other phone.

Aussiegamer4541d ago

That is absolutely bullshit. I have a iphone 4 and it barely lasts the day.

I had a htc desire and the battery life used to be just the same. Dont talk crap.

"find me apps that run", have you even used a android phone? By the sound of things no. If you had then you would realize that the android app market is huge and most work flawlessly.

"same as my mac book pro", what does it hurt knowing you paid over $2000 for a computer with the same specs as a Toshiba for $1000-$1200 just so at the end of the day you can pull you little gay white laptop out and think your better then them because you bought a apple computer.

PS360PCROCKS4541d ago

bullshit? Your comment is total bullshit bud. I can send 100's of texts a day and still be over 40% battery on my Iphone 4. Flawlessly? You mean like home run derby that has free add ons for Iphone? Facebook that WORKS on Iphone that has features Android still dreams of. I could find you millions of apps that work better on Iphone or that Android doesn't have.

You CLEARLY don't know shit about anything. My laptop was $1300 not $2000 and secondly it's silver not white you idiot. The white ones are macbooks and are low end, the macbook pros are the high end ones.

Senden4541d ago

For me, my biggest complaints with the Iphone are the silly restrictions apple put on it. Thanks to computer problems throughout the last 16 months, I've had to redo all my music on my iphone so many times thanks to the stupid way apple works.

Or how about the fact you have to run through the awful itunes to transfer stuff across (to the best of my knowledge). Or the the way apple approve every app thus seriously effecting development creativity and range of apps we can get?

The phones themselves are awesome.. really awesome and an absolute joy to use but so many things seem so overly complicated when there is no need to be plus all the restrictions apple have in place make it annoying.

I remember my mum getting an ipod, she's a complete computer retard and had so many problems trying to transfer music from a cd across to her ipod that if it wasn't for me coming over at the right time,would have probably rebought all the music again via itunes.

Speed-Racer4541d ago

Actually PS3 long name - The Facebook app on the Android is miles better than the iOS version. Also you mention laptops working flawlessly... well with no one really pushing tons of software for the Macs, there is little room for mistake and with ONE and ONLY ONE developer making the basic hardware and software, you shouldnt experience problems, but when Windows allows multiple manufacturers to use its OS, clearly there can be an incompatibility issue, but it's still a much more accessible system because a majority of the marker uses it. I hate to have to set up a VM environment when I want to run some Windows only progs on a Mac. Also you talk about phone prices being cheap, they are not sir. If you actually knew a thing or two about how contracts work, they earn their revenue via your one or two year agreement. Any smart phone shopper doensn't look at the initial price of their phone but at the cost/benefits of their entire contract and its features. Androids are much more flexible in the long run, hence giving them a better market share. The only issue is with compatibility. Some brands are good while the others are not. Apple is only STEALING from us by releasing these tiny increments and marketing it as a totally new phone rather than bringing out something game changing everytime. Over the past 2-3 years, they have not really introduced anything ground breaking in my opinion.

Strange_Evil4541d ago

I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 and have used the HTC Desire HD regularly and I think when you compare stock iOS vs stock Android, then Android takes the cake hands down, but when you bring in a jailbroken iPhone into the picture, the tide suddenly shifts in iOSes favor.

It's just that people don't wanna go through the extra pain of jailbreaking which I completely understand, but if you can work with that flaw, then an iPhone becomes a formidable competitor in it's own right.

I completely agree with the games part as well. As much as I like Android, in terms of apps, Appstore still takes the trophy with better games and better looking apps... Shocking but iOS apps just look better somehow due to their consistency... And face it people, apps on the iPhone sell 10 fold more than Android apps and that is why most apps on the market place are iOS ports or a few don't show up at all.

Also games of the quality of Real Racing, Infinity Blade, Rage and many more can be experienced only on the iOS... Fragmentation also ain't helping the android gaming market.

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PS360PCROCKS4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

I absolutely agree senden. Some of things are head scratchers and completely ridiculous. Like no smileys in the text messaging? lol trivial but it makes no sense not to have it.

Racer x- have you used the Facebook app for Android? It's abysmal and they didn't even have push notifications, chat and so on until like 3 months ago. I had a Droid til like 2 months ago when the Verizon Iphone came out. It would die in like 6 hours even if I didn't use it. They are getting better, the Droid x is sweet and fun to use but it's too bulky for my taste. But nothing groundbreaking? Have you looked at the Iphone 4, the CPU/GPU combo used is incredibly powerful and if I'm not mistaken made it the most powerful when it released. It has front and back facing cameras, facetime, runs apps in the background without a hitch. I mean come on I can play a game a week ago and when I open it again it will be in the same spot I closed it out, that's crazy. Android doesn't do that. I'm not knocking Android or bigging Apple, it's all preference. But i've enjoyed my Iphone far more than my droid. Oh and I don't care what the contract said. they said "Give me $200 you can have whatever you want" so I did.

You highlighted my point though. The fact it's one hardware being developed for always makes it work better.

Speed-Racer4541d ago

How can you ask me if I used it if I told you it's better. Doesn't that justify me at least trying it out. Yes I do use it on a daily basis on my Nexus One, so much better than the iOS version.

I personally don;t like the droids, Ive always used the more powerful HTC brand, and Ive always been the first to get updates and what not. Even though I do see some brands of phones complaining about systems crashing and what not, it simply doesnt happen to me.

Facetime? I know many apple users and they barely use it. Android also runs background progs and it doesnt seem to bother me at all (no noticeable drops in responses and speed). Ive pretty much also dropped my phone a million times and it's been working fine ever since...cant do that with an iphone or ipod unless you want to replace your screen often. Also why should Apple dictate what we do to our phones? Cant we customize them without being penalized (i.e. jailbreaking voiding your warranty). The same can be done on Androids yet our providers wont bust our balls over it. I refuse to support Apple's incremental releases...they are just gouging their fanbase of money. Until the next iphone comes out with something awesome like teleporting capabilities or being able to cloak oneself, I wont be bothering about it.

techsliver4540d ago

Aah the never ending debAtes of ios vs android, Win vs Mac, PS3 vs Racer-X :P

L6RD7BLU34541d ago

People just keep buying them, well cause Apple and other companies know people are stupid so....

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