Is XP Good Enough?

Can a company really afford to be defiantly using a much less secure operating system, and one that will be left adrift, unpatched and uncared for by its maker?
A panel of experts discuss the pros and cons of XP compared to Windows 7; migration costs, application compatibility etc. You’ll need Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin installed in order to view the video.

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thinking3644d ago

I still use windows XP. it does the job.

aaaaaaaaa3644d ago

so does windows 2000, don't you feel XP is holding some things back. I'm sure some devs feel they don't need to update/move with the times due to a high amount of people don't upgrade

Captain Tuttle3644d ago

XP is MUCH more stable than 2000.

That said, I'm loving Windows 7.

thinking3644d ago

wel I may change to windows 7 when ever i get a new PC, it'll prob come preinstalled

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