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Best Android-only apps

Pocket-Lint: This week on Pocket-lint is Android Week which means that we'll be bringing you all the latest news and info on Google's green robot-fronted OS, as well as a daily round-up of the best apps. We've already presented you with the best gaming apps and the best apps for getting out and about in the sunny weather, and today it's Android-only apps.

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AAACE54551d ago

I quit using ATK a while ago! Downloaded "Process Monitor" app and it works better for me and shows what I want!


How to clear your app cache on Android

Clearing an apps cache can help speed up your device overall.

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Nothing Phone 2 will be something in the US – the flashy phone is coming in 2023

The Shortcut covers n in-depth interview at Inverse that reveals lots of plans, but little detail about the new Nothing Phone 2, which will be released in the US sometime in 2023

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softwaredeveloper104d ago

Thanks for sharing such valuable information.

10d ago

Twitter Blue for Android: how to get the subscription on your Android phone

Signups in the Android app are “coming soon” but you can still sign up on the web. The Shortcut details how.

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