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Windows Phone 7 Completely Destroys Android And The iPhone [Video]

Windows Phone owners already know how fast the OS is, but to the average person rocking an iPhone and Android has no clue, completely unaware of how much faster WP7 IE9 laced phone can be compared to their mobile device. Well, all that is about to change with the video below.

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Speed-Racer4705d ago

You do realize this video is totally biased right?

1) Other browsers are not HTML5 ready or fully compatible
2) The test is hosted by a Microsoft optimized site.

I call fail on this one;

Techsmith4705d ago

While true, it is impressive nonetheless.

Speed-Racer4705d ago

How can it be impressive if the other browsers do not have the capability to match?

Techsmith4705d ago (Edited 4705d ago )

What Microsoft is doing with HTML and mobile IE9 is what's impressive. No doubt Google and Apple will be forced to do the same with their browsers.

Zeevious4703d ago

In my opinion:
There is absolutely nothing impressive about a rigged bull_ _ _ _ demo.

Hey, let's compare flash performance against the flash performance of an iPhone? Now you can see, the Android Phone is already loading, but the iPhone...well, we're still waiting...and waiting...

Still waiting.

Now That's what a RIGGED 'demo' is and Microsoft has a long history of it. Do we need to bring back up their completely bogus Linux 'demo's and comparisons?

In my opinion, Windows Mobile 7 is nothing but a stripped down mobile OS that barely has any programs for it, doesn't really even multitask, doesn't compare to the core features of either competitors, and nothing...absolutely nothing could get me to support a Windows Mobile platform after the horrors of 1.0 through 6.5 of Windows Mobile.

Still crashing to this day. Abandoned support. No upgrade path. In my opinion, with years of experience subjected to the torture of using their mobile's still absolutely total glitchy trash.

The only thing that actually worked fairly well was Voice Command/Voice Sync. If it wasn't for that and a great headset, I would have lashed my previous phone to a brick and smashed to bits with joy. was that bad, up to and including 6.5, and every version in between.

Why should I think 7 is any better than the same cosmetic interface makeover with the baggage of every previous bug in the OS still tagging along. I would have liked to try it BUT COULDN'T UPGRADE MY BRAND-NEW PHONE TO IT! Thanks Microsoft! Thanks again for everything.

So...Explain to me again how a RIGGED demo is impressive?

Still waiting for a reply to that...but keep feeding off Microsoft's PR and I'll keep remembering what garbage every previous mobile OS was, is, and continues to be.

...And that's my opinion...and I'm right.

Zeevious4697d ago (Edited 4697d ago )

To Whomever disagreed:

Then WHERE IS the Windows Mobile upgrade path?

Where is my 6.5 to 7 update?

Where is my support?

When will the glitchy mess that in my opinion is everything "Windows Mobile" ever was, and is -- going to be fixed?



Compare the feature set of ANY Windows Mobile 7 device and tell me it measures up!

It's just like every other "upgrade" that I've experienced and suffered through. A glossy interface makeover, and the same mess of trash rotting behind the scenes.

It's worse than my one-line review of Vista . . .
"Nice glossy box - Still filled with _ _ _ _"

In my distinguished opinion . . .Windows Mobile is DEAD and it was only 7 worthless glitchy bug-riddled versions old.


zag4703d ago

opera mobile is HTML5 has been for ages

and skyfire should be as well

but on default browsers won't happen

Speed-Racer4703d ago

I tried it on Opera on my N1 and iPod and it crashes the app every time.

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fatstarr4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

from what i got from the video he said all browsers are running ie9.

Means equal ground from each phone.
so its not a fail.

the other phones aren't html5 ready thats what i see
so its just gonna be the next bench mark stat that company's will make a big deal.

microsoft worked hand in hand to make html5 the next big rage so they made the browser and their phone optimized for the next big trend proving that apple and android arent ready for the html5 takeover or the hardware acceleration which it provides.

Speed-Racer4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

Just an update, the android is running the default android browser while the iphone is running safari.

Ju4703d ago

Chrome supports HTML5, and there is no ie9 on Android or iPhone

Vherostar4703d ago

Wow Destroys it on HTML 5... I still prefer the massive choice of and apps and widgets over HTML 5 and I think 99% of people would say the same. This article is totally biased.

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Trilogy2k4704d ago

To be honest I don't think it matters anymore.

Public opinion has already determined the order of popularity..

1) Open source Android platform and it's many different handsets

2) Apple fans with restriced OS and nanny state app development

RIM, Symbian and WM lagging somewhere behind..

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fatstarr4703d ago

uhhh. in general i think it goes to windows 7 xp and 98, 1st 2nd 3rd in that order.

Now in terms of phone os yes Microsofts best mobile os ever. 10x better than windows trash os 6.0-6.5 but its too late for them to rekindle the portable os market imo

TheEatingChampagne4703d ago

Of course I meant that it's the best phone OS haha I won't compare it to Windows 7... (You're right btw IMO Win7 is the best)

I hear you.. But I don't think it's that late.. I mean yeah they don't sell like Android and iOS devices but now with Nokia on board I believe that it's gonna be somewhere between them in the future.. The software is also developing really fast..

Strange_Evil4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

A Jailbroken iOS is the best Operating System IMO. It provides the elegance of iOS (Something Android absolutely lacks) and much better customizability than any Android device out there (ya shocking but it's true). It strikes the perfect balance.... I love Android for it's customizability but hate it cause there isn't consistency of look for apps and stuff which the iOS has.

Win7 is a mixed bag. It's getting there but I doubt it will even be a prominent force after iOS and Android.. Apps are the main thing that drive the sales currently and iOS closely followed by Android provide the best environment for Application development....

Speed-Racer4703d ago

Ya I agree with you. Imo the iOS interface is by far the best, still very smooth versus Android, but both Android and iOS are far better than WM7 in the apps department. I really don't think a browser with hardware accelerated HTML5 capabilities is going to make a brand, since it's all about the apps... Facebook, Twitter, games, Music and what not.

Vherostar4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

iOS more customizable than android???? even jailbroken it cannot match the potential of android. Android can change its entire look and feel with a simple app completely making your phone feel new and better to use. You have obviously never had or used an android phone. Android is the future mainly because of its customisability AND price which apple will not budge on and its why android is outselling it worldwide at a stupid rate. The ONLY thing iOS holds over android is the apps because it had that head start but hell look at 360 and ps3 that won't last much longer. I really want some of my old iOS apps on my android phone but cannot.

I switched over from my jailbroken iphone a long time ago to my HTC desire (rooted) and have never looked back it just BLOWS the iphone away in every department.

Speed-Racer4703d ago

@Vherostar - I disagree with your point on "feel new and better to use", because they all still feel a bit sluggish compared to the iOS models. I wish their stock keyboard was better though, it's so hard to type a proper message without making a million mistakes, I guess because of the tiny lag when you press the key and when the letter actually appears. I can actually text on the iPhone like a person could do on a physical keyboard like on a Blackberry.

damn no more bubbles. :P

RememberThe3574703d ago

I'm glad to see MS delivering. They have a ways to go but they seem determined to be a player in the mobile arena. And the more the merrier, competition beads excellence, and all that other capitalistic crap :)

Vherostar4703d ago

MS are always trying to expand right now as the software market seems to be earning them a lot less than in the past due to freeware alternatives like open office etc.. and rumours of other massive companys making OS like google. They are trying to future proof the company and so far it's got off to a bumpy start (original xbox and early zune) but it's getting there thanks to a CRAP load of cash. But are they making a profit or buying there sales?

kevnb4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

fast but the most limited. you can barely do anything on windows phone 7. plus it cant even render websites correctly half the time, complete fail.

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