Microsoft Likely Revealing Windows 8 In September

Business Insider: "Microsoft is holding a big event for developers in September, and will probably use it to show off the first public beta of Windows 8.

That means the OS will probably ship a year later, in fall 2012."

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Aussiegamer2746d ago

I hope its not a vista 2.

W7 is fantastic I hope they continue that style of os.

Cueil2746d ago

it is following in the footsteps of 7... they showed it off running with the Windows 7 UI not long ago

just_looken2745d ago

agree but you do know windows 7 is window vista sp3 and window 7 is hardly supported we dont need windows 8 till 2016 fn ms.

-MD-2746d ago

I'm still stuck with Vista... probably time to upgrade.

mcstorm2746d ago

I hope it is carried out like Windows 7 was and not live Vista but then again since Windows Vista MS have really given them self a kickup the ass and given us quality Software, Windows 7 Office 2010, WP7 Windows Server 2008 and 2011 and WHS 2011.

Look forward to giving it a try.

TheEatingChampagne2746d ago

Am I the only one that actually enjoyed Vista? I didn't see any problem with it (Except for the high end specs it had)

xer02746d ago

Neither did I...
Although, I quickly bought a copy of Windows 7 :)

ChickeyCantor2746d ago

Then you must be on some serious SPEED for not noticing the lag and slow downs which Vista brought.
The constant Admin warnings for allowing software....ugh.

Upgrade to windows 7 and you will understand the sh/t that is vista.

Cueil2746d ago

you're exagerating the issue... there were problems but it wasn't something that most would even find issue with

ChickeyCantor2746d ago

Hahaha im exagerating?
The reason VISTA is called bad, because it functions horrible.
Now if you are the type that just goes on to facebook and plays a game now and then, sure you might have though vista was the sh/t.
But once you do more with it, it becomes horrible to the user.

I don't need to prove it, million people agree!

just_looken2745d ago

just a fyi you can strip vista so it runs as fast as xp and get rid of uac feature.