Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread ROM for Samsung Galaxy S leaked; available for Download

Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for Samsung Galaxy S is reportedly leaked and now available for download now, but the official release of this update is yet to be announced. leaked ROM Version is XXJVK and works on international Galaxy S the Samsung I9000.

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techprezz3901d ago

Anyway, installing this leaked version is risky

fatstarr3900d ago

i wouldnt install the official version...

michass83901d ago

yeah who knows is there any 'bonus' virus coming with this version... LOL but still nice surprise for Samsung users, at least they know that company is working on this OS :)

techprezz3901d ago

do u think any surprising phone from Samsung ??? Atually i cant find any!

michass83901d ago

LOL no the surprise is the fact that Samsung is working on gingerbread for galaxy :)

techprezz3900d ago

Haha, SO that means there is not a single gr8 phone from Samsung right ?

michass83900d ago

there is plenty great phones from Samsung, for example take a look at the Galaxy s II :) on of the best smartphone on the market at the moment