Top 5 BlackBerry Pearl Accessories

Here are some of the best accessories for the BlackBerry Pearl, including stereo headsets, pouches, charging pods and wireless Bluetooth headsets.

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Speed-Racer2854d ago

Wow Brighthub really is posting some low quality crap these days

michass82854d ago

It is pretty old device, in fact I even don't know any one who using it. but it actually reminds my that I had to buy the dock/charging pod to my device... :)

Speed-Racer2854d ago

You have a BB.. oh no.. Move up to an iphone or android

michass82854d ago

haha I need dock for my htc which is operated by android, but in fact I have one blackberry device, it was free as unwanted upgrade, and what? I even can't sell it LOL

bwazy2854d ago

Don't forget your tampon.