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Apple removes “Gay Cure” app

Apple has gone ahead to remove the controversial “Gay Cure” app under their law of being “offensive to large groups of people.” The app was originally aimed at homosexuals in an attempt to convert them to the way of the Jesus Christ.

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fatstarr3905d ago

only took 100,000 signatures and tons of negative publicity to get rid of it.

Imma hold my opinion on this one though.

IllusionRSN3905d ago

Stuff like this has no need to be on the iPhone or App store.

Aussiegamer3905d ago

lol pretty funny. A "gay cure" app. Still dont see the big deal, dont like ignore it.

Syko3905d ago

Ya, people seem to be losing the ability to just look past something if it bothers them. With the obvious exception being if you CAN'T avoid it then I can see you having a problem with it.

Everyone needs to yell and scream and stick their nose in everything. I personally don't get it. With that said though this obviously doesn't need to be on the marketplace as much as it didn't need to get the uproar over it. Just ignore it and let it fade into oblivion like it would have on it's own.

Speed-Racer3905d ago

People have been joining the app just to comment badly about it. A lesson I learnt about the net is that most conversations continue due to some form of hate. Hardly do you get a fully positive discussion (unless its and you are trying to become a power user).

darkdoom30003904d ago

Well, it's offencive. and It's good apple took it off.

I would have reported it if I saw it, same if I saw blatantly sexist or racist apps.

dkgshiz3904d ago

Huh, I bet if you had a Gay Maker app it would never be taken down. Such a one sided world.