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Sprint HTC Arrive WP 7 Smartphone now on Sale for $200; Amazon offers it for $150

Windows Phone 7 HTC Arrive is now available from Sprint for $200. The handset is really the same HTC 7 Pro recently released but renamed it for Sprint as HTC Arrive. The price $200 is after rebate when you buy it customary two-year contract.

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techprezz3907d ago

Yet Another HTC phone, bt this time with WP7? Why? are they leave Android aside ??

Speed-Racer3907d ago


also, what a silly question.

techprezz3907d ago

Yeah, I mean HTC may testing Microsoft WP7 with its new HTC Arrive.

michass83907d ago

HTC should make for both OS ( Android and WP7). The WP7 is growing fast, so more devices is needed.

fatstarr3907d ago

i still say they should have the option for dual boot phones.

techprezz3907d ago

Is there any dual boot available in the market ?

fatstarr3906d ago

believe me if there was one I would have had it by now.