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Sapphire 100310SR Radeon HD 6990 Video Card Review (BmR)

BenchmarkReviews: AMD is a company that partners with many different brands, but among them Sapphire is the most recognizable. Known for their legendary Atomic series of factory overclocked video cards, they now offer the Radeon HD 6990 to join the ranks of elite graphics cards. The Sapphire 100310SR Radeon HD 6990 is a dual-Cayman GPU product capable of powering five monitors at once, or produce the fastest video game frame rates possible of any graphics card to one monitor. Using a new VLIW4 shader core architecture and equipped with 4GB GDDR5 256-bit video frame buffer and 3072 stream processors. While the Sapphire 100310SR Radeon HD 6990 can accomplish the performance of two Radeon HD 6970's in CrossFireX, it can do so with less power and heat. The Sapphire 100310SR utilizes several new MSAA modes including Enhanced Quality Anti-Aliasing (EQAA), which Benchmark Reviews tests in some of the most popular DirectX-11 video games available...

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