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AMD: DirectX Holding Back Game Performance

With all the hype surrounding DirectX 11 and how it's changing the face of PC gaming in regards to mind-blowing eye candy, AMD's worldwide developer relations manager of its GPU division, Richard Huddy, claims that developers actually want the API to go away, that it's getting in the way of creating some truly amazing graphics.

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fatstarr4340d ago

sigh... always complaints.

Direct X11 makes graphics pop it turns all that 2D stuff into actual 3D items. we will never get anywhere interns of graphics until the next gen of consoles come out -_- cause the pc sector isnt gonna do it.

KingPin4338d ago

have you not heard of openGL? up until now openGL was way better programming-wise. Even the "GOD" of programming, john carmack <ID software> agreed with this sentiment.