10 Reasons to Buy a Windows Phone

Microsoft are battling to get back into the smartphone market with their user friendly Windows Phone 7 platform. Is it time you considered trying out WP7? Here are ten reasons why you should.

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fatstarr4457d ago

Good reasons but there is way more freedom on the android platform.

michass84457d ago

Agree, for now on I will stay with the Android platform, unless WP bring some great extra features that Android doesn't have, but is there any LOL

fatstarr4457d ago

wp will never bring anything new to the table as long as they keep following in apples dirty footsteps. the industry wont change unless someone goes off tangent and comes up with some new ideas.

Strongfist364456d ago

Android and Apple have the market saturated. WP had to do something "different". This caused them to only be able to capture what I am going to call a niche smart phone user.

fatstarr4455d ago

they are trying something new yet at the same time it doesn't appeal to a majority of the market. Microsoft needs to come out with something different like in video game terms they need a AAA game to sell millions.

the first thing i think they should do is have an extremely over powered phone to be the WP7 spec leader like Google does with the Nexus and apple with the newest iphone.

michass84456d ago

with all office applications they should hit business customers in most.

iliimaster4455d ago

im fine with my HTC inspire 4g this phone is incredible

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