Pocket-Lint: Klipsch X10i Review

Pocket-Lint: Pound for lb, the Klipsch X10i are some of the most expensive headphones out there. At the time of writing you’re looking at £195 for a product which weighs 10.5g, so that’s around £18.50/gram which, for the record, makes it less valuable a commodity than gold only by £10/gram.

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michass83194d ago

A bit too much for headphones... LOL
I think it was a prize in some previous competition on Techspy (to the winner- are they worth this price?)

snoop_dizzle3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

I have a pair and they are amazing. However, if you're simply using them on your phone or don't care too much about audio quality they would be wasted on most.However over the ear headphones would be ideal. But if you take them everywhere and want to fit them in your pocket, they are awesome.

The ones that were won were the X5's which seem to be a good middle of the road.

michass83194d ago

There is a good few models on Amazon with different price ranges. Is the X10i the top one, cos it is definitely the most expensive one. I'm using my mp3 player pretty heavy, but I never really thought about ear buds too much. Is there really such a big difference in quality?

snoop_dizzle3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

There can be a big difference, but it also depends on the quality of the sources you use. Unless you're serious about audio, I wouldn't go for them. If you're playing higher bit rate music and use them all the time on other thing aside from simply an mp3 player, there is an appeal, but there are plenty of good headphones on the market. I wouldn't buy them simply for an mp3 player.

If anything I would suggest the Klipsch s4's or s4i's. They run about 70 to a $100 and are pretty great for the price. Or even the X5's that were won. But also look at Sennheiser and companies like that.

If you're used to using stock headphones whether they are from an ipod or whatever it is definitely worth going for something better, lol. Just not the X10's.

michass83194d ago

Thanks for your advice, I think I will upgrade my headphones for some better quality one :)

fatstarr3194d ago

Grado Headphones Out do this I am Sure.