Worker Fired after dropping F-Bomb via Chrysler Twitter account

Chrysler will end its contract with New Media Strategies, its online social PR agency after one of the agency’s employees dropped the F-Bomb via a Tweet on the official Chrysler Twitter page. As a result, that said employee will now be on the breadline for his “honesty”.

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SalvatoreLeone3924d ago

Guy must have had a bad morning. Sucks for him.

IllusionRSN3924d ago

That really sucks for him.

Speed-Racer3924d ago

Someone must have bounced his mercedes

SKUD3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Its tough telling the truth these days. The US driving licensing rules need to change BIG TIME.

kulex473924d ago

Well Chrysler can "(insert expletive here)" off...

Speed-Racer3924d ago

How on earth does that make sense? They hired a firm to promote their brand, not tarnish it.

kulex473923d ago

What I'm saying is that the entire PR company shouldn't have to pay for 1 (probably drunk) employee's comment, unless that employee is head of the marketing team for the Chrysler pr campaign, or and executive of the company. That'd be like when burger king was doing those Xbox 360 promotions and I'm sure a moron flippin burgers said "xbox 360 sucks" ...end result Xbox pulling all promotions, now if the CEO of Burger King said it, well I could understand that then, that's the point I was making.

Speed-Racer3923d ago

Ah now I see your point, but business these days have a tendency to screw over their partners over one mishap, usually at the expense of others. They must have said that if one employee when on the crazy, what's so say another one won't.