Charlie Sheen Death scam spreads across Facebook

With the implementation of Facebook’s new “Like” policy, sites have quickly started to abuse the new feature. With Charlie Sheen trying but failing to take over the web, someone has cleverly set up a clickjacking site with a fake video about his purported death at his home.

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RonyDean3375d ago

I'll believe it once TMZ reports it.

Speed-Racer3375d ago

haha yes good point, TMZ is a pretty good source for celeb news.

SalvatoreLeone3375d ago

He was a loser anyway. Glad they fired him

michass83375d ago

well he has a few years of a very wild life LOL

Tommykrem3374d ago

And all he ever wanted was to have sex with prositutes in front of his wife while being under influence of cocaine...

xVeZx3374d ago

i dont see anything wrong with that

Speed-Racer3374d ago

Every man's dream, right?