Logitech offers keyboard, mouse trade-in program

If you're tired of your old mouse and keyboard, or you're just looking to trade up to models with newer features such as wireless or solar power, Logitech is rolling out a trade-in program that lets you earn up to a 35 percent discount off your new purchase.

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toaster3920d ago

lol Great timing. The palm rest on my G15 just broke the other day. I want to send it in for a G19 :D

This is why I love Logitech.

michass83919d ago

great idea, everybody happy, Logitech will sell more and make sure that existing customers will stay loyal to the company, and we will save some money :) all companies should follow this marketing path :) lol

Shani3919d ago

Awesome idea. I m not tired of my old logitech mouse yet. But this is new way for electronics.