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European customs ordered to seize PlayStation shipments in legal dispute

European customs officers have been ordered to seize shipments of Playstation 3s after LG won a preliminary injunction against Sony in an acrimonious patent battle between the two Asian electronics giants.

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Techsmith3925d ago

Man software patents really fudge things up.

Speed-Racer3925d ago

Well if people are stealing your shit, what do you expect?

Techsmith3925d ago

Software patents are silly IMO.

Speed-Racer3925d ago

So basically you support piracy then? Seems like you have no respect for authors' work. If you made a piece of paid software and then I stole it and made it free on the net, would you like that? I don;t think so. It would take away from your revenue and you won't be rewarded properly for your time and efforts.

Techsmith3925d ago

Who said anything about piracy? Anyways, the laws on software patents needs an overhaul. These software patents hinders competition, Its ridiculous when upstarts has to pay millions just to add a simple swipe gesture Apple happens to claim it invented.

Speed-Racer3925d ago

Oh well let's take it from that view point. Company A spend millions in making product X. Company B wants to borrow it in a design of product Y. Why doesnt company A have the right to lend it out for millions? They pretty much did all the overheads, testing and what not... they deserve that kind of money. What is company B profits like a bitch because of the product X? It happened all cause of Company A's work. Think about that.

Techsmith3924d ago

Lets agree to disagree lol

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Captain Tuttle3925d ago

Man, Sony can't catch a break this gen