Nintendo 3DS yesterday was launched in Japan and… Already hacked

Long anticipated successor to Nintendo DS was launched yesterday in Japan. Hundreds of people were standing in queues to get the new 3DS. Well, it didn’t took long to hack it.

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Speed-Racer3764d ago

So you say it was hacked, yet you go on to say the 3DS games were not hacked but only the DS games. Who cares?

Anarki3762d ago

But still, you'd think that they'd have done something to prevent the R4 cards from working. But no, same old shit.

Wont be long before people hack 3ds games.

Techsmith3762d ago

Nintendo cares lol, soon they will blame piracy.

darksied3762d ago

C'mon, it's still a big deal. Any hacking on the 3ds will lead them closer to the actual goal: getting the 3ds games to work. I'm not the biggest nintendo fan, but still I hate to see someone's hard work get screwed like this. Lets hope Nintendo responds.

michass83763d ago

If Nintendo recommends to make 15 min breaks after every 30 min of play time, something is wrong.... 30 min of playing is not much, enough... Is Nintendo 3DS bad for us ???

CobraKai3762d ago

I know people would say; "But you can turn the 3D off". Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of 3DS? I'd need to actually try this out for myself before making a purchase

techniglee3763d ago

I can't wait to see what other hacks people come up with. There are a lot of possibilities considering the devices 3D capabilities.

fatstarr3763d ago

nintendo will pull a win off of this.
I already know i will be playing my 3DS is 2d mode because im not buying it for the 3d im buying it for the next step into next gen.

as for the hacks they are meaningless. its just emulating the ds. so it cant reach into 3DS mode to cause any real damage.

toaster3762d ago

Same here, I'm not buying the 3DS for the 3D. The analog stick is the selling point for me. That and the huge number of games.

CptFlashHeart3762d ago

Definitely, and nostalgic trips into Nintendos better history!

Anyway, I got to try a 3DS in Gamestation last week and either my eyes are awesome or they didn't ache. I played with it for over 25mins solid and I didn't need to "re-adjust" my eyes or anything of the sort.

They are a truly innovative piece of kit, not to mention gorgeous to look at. Then there's the games.... Ohhhh the games xD