The Biggest Reason You Should Not Buy An iPad 2

So I know many of you are all excited because it looks like next week Apple will unveil the latest update to their market leading tablet, the iPad 2. While nobody really has any solid data on exactly what has made it into the final production version of the iPad 2, we have reported on several of the rumors including that it will be much thinner and lighter, that it will feature an improved display (though not retina) and several other upgrades. That’s all good, but our assessment is that the iPad 2 is more of a substantial refresh of the original iPad than a completely overhauled device that is light years ahead of its predecessor. With that said, you’re wondering what our number one reason is right?

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Techsmith4794d ago

Same reason I stopped using my iPad.

CyberCam4793d ago

Here's a better reason for not buying an iPad!

It's has more features and cost a heck of a lot less $$$.

thatruth20064794d ago

Exactly, the iPad 2 will not be this awesome innovation that kicks the original iPad's butt. It will no doubt be a better device, but its not going to be that huge leap forward that I think most people think it will be.

michass84794d ago

Lack of the Flash support... lol

beardtm4794d ago

Biggest reason not to buy an iPad 2 is because iPad one will be cheaper? No shit Sherlock. Flash is shit anyway. Even on pc.

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sonicwrecks44d ago

I've fixed the images on some of these past submissions of yours. Please in the future make sure the image isn't broken on submission.( I always found it best to download/upload it to be honest. )