Steve Jobs Says There Never Was a White iPhone 4 [humor]

GYGG: "BREAKING NEWS! Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple has just revealed some rather interesting facts about the white iPhone 4. These facts, while quite shocking, make much sense when one puts the pieces together. After all, only a genius of Steve Jobs caliber could have concocted such a market strategy. In the video below Steve Jobs informs us that the White iPhone 4 never existed and it was created (or lack there of) to steal the spot light from Android which is not, and “never will be a threat to iOS.”"

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-Mezzo-4300d ago

LOL, cool video, I don't think anyone has been holding back an iPhone 4 purchase just for the White version.

Strongfist364300d ago

At first people were but I suppose now they see that doing so is just dumb =/

NiKK_4194299d ago

sounds just like something steve jobs would say off camera...i would believe that lol

michass84300d ago

haha this is good one lol :)

BubbleSniper4299d ago

hey there is truth to what is being said in this video. LMFAO!

TwistedMetal4299d ago

100% truth and the funny thing is the people in the comment section are most likely the people he is talking about and they are proud of it. tools and fools for the lose.

Strongfist364298d ago

Lol would that make you one of them Twisted?